hinds community college is now participating in the yellow ribbon program for military veterans, beginning in fall 2013.

the program allows a scholarship from hinds to cover out-of-state fees for veterans whose military benefits do not cover all the tuition and fees at the college.

“our college is proud to be a part of the veterans administration ‘yellow ribbon program’ to assist hinds out-of-state veterans in paying for the out-of-state tuition and fees,” said dr. barbara blankenship, district dean of students.

hinds community college has a full-time employee handling veterans affairs at the college. ryan braswell, coordinator of veterans affairs, can be reached at 601.857.3226 or at ryan.braswell@hindscc.edu.

the post-911 gi bill already covers in-state tuition and fees for military veterans. the va is matching hinds community college’s contribution in order to ensure the military veteran doesn’t have to pay.

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