raymond – winners of the rankin literary festival in three categories of creative achievement were:

  • first place, short stories, “nightmare” by evelin joanny aguilar, pearl high school, 10th grade
  • second place, short stories, “a small envelope” by cullen anthony hill, puckett high school, 12th grade
  • third place, short stories, “the box” by jonathan lucas, hartfield academy, 11th grade


  • first place, poetry, “to quilt a phrase” by avery wolfe, pisgah high school, 12th grade
  • second place, poetry, “el botas” by jack gaskin, hartfield academy, 12th grade
  • third place, poetry, “the mirror” by amy grantham, florence high school, 12th grade


  • first place, essay, “a spark’s influence” by libbie claire jones, pisgah high school, 12th grade
  • second place, essay, “process of changing the world” by karlana simmons, east rankin academy, 12th grade
  • third place, essay, “teen influencers” by taylor phillips, hartfield academy, 11th grade

the rankin literary scholarship is awarded each year to first-place winners who compete in the festival. small cash prizes are awarded in addition to the full tuition scholarship to hinds community college.

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