for anyone interested in jump starting a college career without waiting for the spring semester, hinds community college offers a number of  options for second eight-week classes that begin in october.

classes are available both online and in a traditional face-to-face format. most courses are academic courses, but some limited career-technical options are available.

for applicants to hinds’ nursing programs seeking to finish prerequisites, anatomy and physiology i with the lab are being offered on the raymond campus and in an online format.

registration is now open for those classes. traditional classes begin oct. 15 at most hinds’ locations. online classes begin on oct. 21. all second eight-week classes end in early december.

in addition to the online classes listed currently on the hinds website, hinds can also make available more than 70 academic courses online through a condensed format.  for more information, contact the distance learning office at 601.857.3834.

students are encouraged to register as soon as possible in order to get the classes and schedule they need.

current students who don’t need to see an adviser can register online by logging into new students need to speak to an adviser before registering online.

for information on applying to hinds, call 1.800.hindscc.

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