utica – hinds community college’s utica campus hopes to expand student success rates and trends with the implementation of the new student success center and technology nest through the office of title iii and sponsored grants.

the student success center opened its door in october and seeks to provide services in academic coaching, supplemental instruction (via peer-led study groups in various courses), resume writing assistance, mock interviews, career fairs, four-year college/university and industry tours, and workshops on various life skills among other things.

“we are excited to bring the student success center to the utica campus. our primary goal is to provide a transformative academic environment with a holistic approach. we want our students to thrive in every aspect of their lives.” said yolanda houston, director of student success.

yolanda houston

the services provided by the student success center will enable student development by enriching their educational experience while preparing them for careers.

students will also have the opportunity to engage in learning laboratories centered towards new technological advancements with the creation of what’s called a “technest.” the technest, which will operate similarly to ones at jackson campus-academic/technical center and the raymond campus, will offer training workshops, activities and other educational sessions focused on new tech trends and methodology.

“we have added extra components to enhance our stem programs and feel the additional aspects are greatly needed. i am excited about the opportunity to truly engage our students in a technology-enriched curriculum and service,” said steven jones, executive director of title iii and sponsored grants

the technest is currently under construction, with plans to open in the spring 2019 semester.

as mississippi’s largest community college, hinds community college is a comprehensive institution offering quality, affordable educational opportunities with academic programs of study leading to seamless university transfer and career and technical programs teaching job-ready skills. with six locations in central mississippi, hinds enrolls about 12,000 students each fall semester. to learn more, visit www.hindscc.edu or call 1.800.hindscc.

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